All over the world, learners and mentors are meeting face-to-face to develop their technical skills.
Informal Learning Groups
"Informal learning groups" like Hackidemia, openTechSchool and CoderDojo are moving swiftly to reinvent tech education by focusing on personal experiences, projects and peers.
My Research
The goals of this project are to take a snapshot of the informal tech education landscape, and help "Maker" communities learn from one another.

We'll look at how each group approaches cultural cohesion, learning design, and governance.

An open project from soup-to-nuts, all of the interviews are posted to SoundCloud, and the protocol itself will live on GitHub.

About me.
Be Interviewed
Share your experience and tell me about your learning group. I'd love to know a little about your group, and what yod'd like to find out by participating in the research.

Be Interviewed
Get information about new interviews and result of research work. Stay tuned!
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