My name is Magdalena Lipińska and I am a full stack developer with a passion for Java Script and reactive programming. I love building beautifully structured Java Script apps with Rails or Node backend.

I'm just a developer who ships. The rest is luck and speculation.

Skills What I can do well

  • JavaScript (my farvourite JS librararies and frameworks: React.js, Immutable.js, RxJS, Node.js, Loopback, ES6, Jest)
  • Ruby on Rails (RSpec, Spree)
  • HTML5 (including canvas and SVG)
  • CSS3 (including responsive design)
  • UX/UX Design
  • Git (the version control system)

Work Experience

  • Cordially (aquired in 2018 by Karma Creative) 8.2016 - now (event website builder and RSVP management tool)

    Role: Technical Founder (full stack developent, design, product), stack: React.js, RxJS, Immutable.js, Fluorine (Flux implementation built with RxJS), ES6, Node.js, Loopback.js, SendGrid, FileStack

  • Pie Mapping 6.2015 - 6.2016 (Fleet management web solution for logistic enterprises based in London)

    Role: Lead Front End Developer, managing team of 3 front end developers, stack: React.js, RxJS, Immutable.js, Fluorine (Flux implementation built with RxJS), ES6, Jest

  • 8.2014 - 5.2015 (Cloud Knowledge Discovery startup based in San Francisco)

    Role: Lead Front End Developer, stack: Backbone.js, Marionette.js, Grunt

    See closed Beta screenshots

  • Railsdog 4.2014 - 8.2014 (New York based Dev Shop)

    Role: Full Stack Ruby on Rails Developer with Spree for eCommerce

  • International platform for stock trading

    Role: Frond End Developer, stack: Backbone.js, PhoneGap

Side Projects

Cogito Tech
2017 - Cogito Tech

2017 - Cogito Tech

Static site build with Gatsby generator with React with GraphQl. Design and development.


Talking Head
2014 - Talking Head

2014 - Talking Heads

Backbone.js + Marionette.js single page application with Rails backend

Features: Elasticsearch


Fund Lipenco
Fund Lipenco

2013 - Fund Lipenco

Fundraising Website for Flatiron School Tuition.

Features: Stripe payment system, Rails backend